Prezi – Online Tool

The seniors created a Prezi presentation based on their understandings of gardening and gardens. The purpose was to allow them to showcase their current understandings (half way through the inquiry) using a different medium. Prezi is a very interactive presenting tool that they thoroughly enjoyed using. The best part of Prezi is the commenting ability. Teaching students to post appropriate comments that are professional and do not hurt others feelings, is an important part of being a positive digital citizen. This online tool allowed for that and gave students opportunities for practising their posting and commenting skills.

Gardening - TSERLIN.COM

Cyber Safety Posters

Cyber Safety is a large concern in the school community. The senior students have been investigating Cyber Safety and how they can be a positive digital citizen. To reinforce and support their understandings they have created Cyber Safety posters using Glogster.

Cyber Safety 1

The senior students tuned into Cyber Safety with resources provided by ACMA and They explored a DVD with case studies of the varying cyber safety issues that are present online. Through scaffolded and facilitated discussion, students were able to gain a deeper understanding of cyber safety. Setting this time aside, encouraged students to openly share their online experiences as well as pose questions.

“Should I make a fake game email account?”

“When I play Moshi Monsters, should I add people I don’t know?”

Cyber Safety Poster CS3 CS4