X + coding = Innovating

Students were given the task to use technology to solve a real world problem.

They spent a some time learning the basics of coding – which is all they really need. The real learning happened by peeking under the hood at other people’s innovations and deconstructing the code and its use. Of course, Google was strongly used too.

Well here’s the problem:

People are leaving syringes in public places, such as parks, beaches and public toilets. This is dangerous and extremely unsafe to the community. Human removal of syringes from public areas poses a health risk to those who are tasked to do this. This is dangerous because when collecting the syringes humans may be pricked by the needle. This exposes them to diseases and infections.

Here’s the solution:

To remove the danger of humans getting pricked by a needle. A robotic droid named STID will locate and collect these dangerous objects.

Click on the image below to Stick it to Danger – STID!

Don’t forget to look inside to peek at the code.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 10.42.07 PM

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