Chromebook Autocomplete Domain – No Need to type in Domain

Chromebook autodomain -

Set your Chromebooks to autocomplete domain when students/teachers login next. Simply follow the instructions below to save time and effort when logging in.

  1. Navigate to Google Admin Console
  2. Go to Device Management
  3. Click Chrome Management
  4. Device Settings
  5. Scroll down to Autocomplete Domain and select Use the Domain name, set below, for autocomplete from the dropdown menu
  6. Enter in your domain name
  7. Click Save Changes
  8. Sit back and relax while student login without any major dramas

Teacher/Student Google Apps for Education – Skills Scope and Sequence

Looking for a list of Google skills that teachers and students can work towards and achieve? Look no further than The Badge Academy. The Badge Academy includes success criteria whereby students and teachers need to achieve before receiving either a novice, apprentice or expert badge.

Students/Teachers are encouraged to take screenshots of their work to demonstrate their have achieved the levels. Once accomplished, they are issued with a digital badge. The Badge Academy works on the notion of Learn, Earn and Display.

Take a look at the poster below to see how the Badge Academy work:

Instructions for the Badge Aacdemy

Create an Email Signature to Impress

Create an email signature to impress. With lots of schools moving their email hosting to Gmail this is the perfect addition to complement such a great platform.

An email signature is like a digital business card used to sign off emails. Take a look below:

Tserlin email signature

Create one by clicking here and entering your school’s or organisation’s details. Once completed, you can download your signature and set it to Gmail. Alternatively, you can copy the signature (start from the top left corner) then going to settings in Gmail. Scroll down to signature and paste your new signature in. Click save!

Tserlin signature 2