Nice to Gnome You, YouTube

In the techno age we live in, finding out how to do “something” is as simple as going on YouTube. I often hear students saying “YouTube it” when they are in need of how-to information…  It seems the answers are a click away.

Of course, the content on YouTube can be quite disconcerting at times. This is especially true when a related video appears on the side menu that students should not really see. I have seen teachers fumbling for the interactive whiteboard remote to blank the screen.

Of course, we can sensor or ban access to YouTube at schools but aren’t we doing our children a disservice? The simple truth about the internet is, it is a giant playground for all to share. Adults and children of all ages.  Explicitly teaching students what to do when inappropriate content appears on their device is part of being a digital citizen. Utilising YouTube for its strength is about teaching students the type of keywords and phrases we should use when searching for content.

Press play and watch how students constructed knowledge and learnt new skills from simply watching YouTube videos. What are your thoughts on YouTube? Is YouTube a tool you use in the classroom?

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