Creating an Infographic

Infographics are used to present complex information quickly and easily to an audience. It is displayed as a visual format that is rather visually pleasing. Why not try publishing student work in this format…

There are many online infographic tool creators that you can use with your students. Most of them require a sign up and a monthly subscription fee. Lucky though the website is a free tool and is easy to use. It has a video tutorial to guide you through it.

A suggestion on how to use in the classroom: is best used in the classroom to showcase understandings. It is a publishing tool.

  1. In literacy, students research their inquiry topic. For example, social justice. They highlight keywords, identify key information and summarise text.
  2. Once completed, students can present their information. Voila!


Memorable Moments in My Life TSERLIN.COM
Infographic on Memorable Moments in My Life – Snapshot of my Life


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