QR Codes for Teaching and Learning Purposes


Quick Response (QR) codes have a big place in the classroom. If used for authentic learning purposes they are a great assessment tool and motivator in the classroom. I have seen children whipping out their smart devices (quicker than a cowboy drawing his gun)  and scanning a QR code to uncover a hidden message.

QR codes are highly engaging and serves many functions. Link a hyperlink, a YouTube clip, an image or even a plain text and get the learning party started in the classroom.

The seniors students created a special edition of the Milton Bradely’s Guess Who game. They wrote little clues about themselves in a QR code generator. We used http://www.qrstuff.com to make the codes as there were no inappropriate ads.

Students downloaded their unique QR code and pasted it on their illustration of themselves. The idea of the game was to “get to know” the students in the senior school. Students will play their version of Guess Who using smart devices and get to know the students in their school.

Guess Who Student Work - TSERLINCOM