Classroom Word Bank

Here’s a great way to create and display a class word bank in a different, yet aesthetically pleasing way.

  1. Generate a class word bank based on a topic.
  2. Get students to type in words throughout the day, week, month…
  3. Copy and paste the words (until you fill the page) in 2 columns.
  4. Font – Times New Roman, grey.
  5. Obtain an image related to the word bank and make the background of the image transparent. Copy and paste it onto the word bank. Some words will be covered but that does not matter as it has been replicated several times on the page.
  6. Set the background to a cream/contrasting colour.
  7. Insert a wood frame border.
  8. Print and display for children to use.

Word Bank: Adjectives

Classroom Word Bank Sparrow - TSERLIN.COM

Word Bank: Technical language

Classroom Word Bank Gardening - TSERLIN.COM