There is a skill to Googling. There are special skills involved in being able to generate the right answers once the SEARCH button is clicked. One of the most common skills I am asked to teach when visiting schools is how to Google EFFECTIVELY. Here are my tips for research based Google searching:

  1. No HFW (high frequency words) in searches.
  2. Specific keywords only. For example, Australia Immigration Transportation.
  3. Use quotation marks if you want exact phrases, e.g. “Caterpillar lifecycle”.
  4. Google has their own formulas to work out what’s relevant for you so if it is not on page 1… Google search again!
  5. If you are typing in the correct keywords your search results should not be in the trillions or billions. Less is more.
  6. If searching for something local, make sure pages are from Australia only.
  7. Type before your search term if you want Google to just look at a specific site, e.g. ‘ blog’.
  8. Don’t ask Google a question. Always phrase searches as an answer. For example, the largest plant in the world is.

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