Creating a Picture Book – Using a Scanner

During the season of Advent, students read the picture book Email Jesus @ Bethlehem written by Hilary Robinson. The book is about how technology would be used if Jesus himself were born today. That is, in the 21st century. This book was published in the early 2004 therefore a big emphasis on emailing.

Students were allocated a page each with their partner and had to visualise an image to represent the text. They created their pictures using art materials. This took about 2 lessons at 40 minutes each.

Once they finished their page, they used a photocopier scanner to scan their work. Once scanned, students imported the image in paint and added text from the story. Their work was then collated and made into visual picture book movie. The senior students read their adapted version of Email Jesus @ Bethlehem to the junior students who thoroughly enjoyed the cleverly crafted book.

The detail of the art materials is represented really nicely in the pictures. Click on each image to view full details.