Our Faces

Using a digital camera the junior school children took photos of one another.  Their ICT focus was taking a clear photo of their partner whilst ensuring that the photo met strict criteria.

Photographer Criteria:

  • The subject must be in the centre of the photo
  • The subject must be facing the camera
  • The subject must be in good lighting
  • Photographer must wait for the lens to focus before taking a photo
  • Photo must be clear and not blurry

Once their photos were taken, they were printed and used as visual prompts to help students create their self portraits. The junior students used a free Windows program called Art Rage to create these wonderful masterpieces.

Face 1

The children enjoyed ArtRage as they were able to mix colours. They exported their images to JPEG (picture) format which made it easier to print in 6X8. The images were framed then used in the school Art Show.

It took 4, 40 minute sessions to complete this activity.


Face 2