Italian Day – Making Pizzas Online

Students will be celebrating Italian Day next week. The Italian teacher asked me if there were any ICT/Italian related activities. This is what I found online


The juniors and seniors will be making virtual pizzas from the comfort of their own learning space. No messy flour or anaphylactic reactions from these pizzas. Students interpret instructions and make their own pizza. They place it in the online oven and use the snipping or grab tool depending on your operating system. Pizzas will be printed and placed in a little brown bag for the children to take home.
 Pizza 2
P.S. There seems to be an online creator for just about anything nowadays. Simple Google Search: “Example” and “Online Creator” and you will get what you are looking for. Try it.

Bugs in 3D

The juniors are headed on their merry way to iMax to watch Bugs in 3D. This relates to their inquiry topic of survival. The students have been exploring a range of minibeasts, researching habitat, prey, predator and the food chain. The students created 3D bugs using a simple yet effective app, 3D photos.

Images of minibeasts were preloaded onto the iPad and saved on to the camera roll. Juniors and Google Images are not a good mix, especially since it is hard to filter out inappropriate content. The students chose an image and used the paint brush to apply a 3D effect to a specific part of a photo. They screen shot using the standby and home key and saved it to the camera roll. They loved this activity!

3D Bugs

3D Bugs1

3D Bugs3

Landscape Designs

Students explore a bird’s eye perspective of land by creating their own landscaped gardens. Using the website they use the Online Garden Tool to create their very own piece of paradise. A visually aesthetic piece of work where students are thoroughly engaged and will meet the design criteria if set by the teacher. They justify their designs and complete a peer and self evaluation.

Landscape Designs

Cyber Safety Posters

Cyber Safety is a large concern in the school community. The senior students have been investigating Cyber Safety and how they can be a positive digital citizen. To reinforce and support their understandings they have created Cyber Safety posters using Glogster.

Cyber Safety 1

The senior students tuned into Cyber Safety with resources provided by ACMA and They explored a DVD with case studies of the varying cyber safety issues that are present online. Through scaffolded and facilitated discussion, students were able to gain a deeper understanding of cyber safety. Setting this time aside, encouraged students to openly share their online experiences as well as pose questions.

“Should I make a fake game email account?”

“When I play Moshi Monsters, should I add people I don’t know?”

Cyber Safety Poster CS3 CS4