Pixel Characters

Students can design and create Pixel Characters based on their notion of tiny pixel squares. The idea came from the character Super Mario where he is constructed of tiny pixels. Students use the program MS Word and create a table in which they fill with colour. They can create an avatar/character of themselves or a teacher. Once the Pixel Character has been designed it could be used in an animation to tell a story.

Pixel Man Pixel Characters Teachers

Picture Writing

Art Rage

Junior students  used the program Art Rage (free version) to create a recount of what they did on the holidays. They used this as a seed for their writing. The recount was composed after the students had a visual/seed of their writing. If you click on the picture you’ll notice that the picture looks as if it was painted. Fantastic effects in the program!


Reading with Fluency

To work on fluency and expression in reading students practised reading a book throughout the week. Using iMovie (the iPad App Version) and taking photos of each page, the students recorded their reading over it. The class evaluated their reading using the green, yellow and black thinking hats. This provided students with constructive feedback for their future reading goals. Click on the link to listen to the fluent readers.


iPad Animal Muddle

Animal Muddle is a free app available on the App Store. It was used with the juniors whereby they created their muddled animal. The students created a hybrid animal with different body parts for example, a tiger’s head on an elephant’s body. They enjoyed the creation process. In literacy, the students could use their muddled animal to write a lost poster or character fact file about their creation.

Animal Muddle

Olivia Goes to Italy

Olivia Olivia Front Cover

ICT can be utilised in all areas of the curriculum, even in the LOTE domain. In Italian, students read Olivia Goes to Venice exploring Italy’s famous landmarks. Students used MS Paint to create their own Olivia drawings and used the transparency tool to copy and paste onto a photo. The students selected photos from a designated file to avoid them searching online (cyber safety issues).