Paper Animation

Tree Papermation

Try making a papermation to showcase understandings or to tell a story. There are no limits to the imagination in this digital product.


iPhoto, iMovie

How To

1. Fill in the Story Plan and Story Board to plan your papermation. This is particularly important for students as they have something to refer back to. Conference with groups to ensure their idea sounds valid and achievable.

2. Students begin to make or find online pictures for their papermation. If their story is set in the desert a good idea for their background is to go online and find a large image of a desert. Otherwise children can design and draw their own.

3. Set up the camera so that it is attached to a tripod. The camera needs to be facing downwards at the images. Alternatively an easier and more efficient method is to use an ipad.

4. Using the Story Board begin to map out the story with students. As there are about 5 in each group they will each have their own ideas. It is best to clarify and map out the story with them before beginning.

5. Place the papermation pieces within the camera frame and take a photo. Slowly move the paper pieces to desired location and take photos. See below

6. Take as many photos as required for papermation. The more detail within the papermation the more photos. Classroom papermations usually contain somewhere between 94-160 photos.

7. Transfer your photos onto iPhoto by connecting your camera to your computer and switching it on. Click on IMPORT.

8. Once the files have been imported and saved to the computer it is available to use in most programs.

9. Open iMovie. Click on FILE > NEW PROJECT> NO THEME.

10. Name your papermation.

11. Click on CREATE.

12. Click on the CAMERA ICON. Look for your photos and drag into workspace.

13. Highlight all photos and click on the SETTINGS COG > CROPPING, KEN BURNS & ROTATION.

14. Click on FIT.

15. Highlight all photos and click on CLIP ADJUSTMENTS.

16. Set timing to 0.5 seconds, click APPLY TO ALL STILLS.

17. Click on the PLAY ICON to watch your papermation.

Screen Shot 2012-03-16 at 9.32.34 PM

Here is an example from a group of Senior teachers trying to teach their children about saving money.

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